Intellectual Output 2  - Sustain-T

Intellectual Output 2 - Sustain-T Learning Content

The Sustain-T learning material will be divided into two parts. The 1st part will be content-based; it will aim to raise awareness of sustainable tourism issues and to provide an opportunity to learn from best practices in the field. The 2nd part will be activity-based; it will comprise interactive tools, allowing the training participants to collaborate on developing joint sustainable tourism initiatives.

The subject of this Output is the content-based part of the learning material. Its structure will be defined by the curriculum, taking into account the results of literature review and target group surveys. However, at the application stage the partners suggest to construct the learning content around the four main themes of GSTC Criteria, which present the minimum sustainability requirements that any tourism business should be able to fulfil. Since these criteria are recognized world-wide, the learning content, corresponding to them, will be valuable and transferable to VET institutions, providing training in tourism, in different European countries.

Self-audit, Resource-mapping & Ideation tools