Fifth Transnational Meeting in Spain - Sustain-T

Fifth Transnational Meeting in Spain

Project partners of the Sustain-T project met for the 5th, Final Transnational Partner Meeting in Barcelona, Spain. Partners presented the results of the closing period, including the conducted national promotional conferences and the final version of the online platform that has gained its final shape in all partner languages.


Partners discussed the quality management and dissemination of project results and confirmed the project’s achievements are in line with the foreseen quality management indicators.


A day after the partner meeting, on 8th October, 2019, the Sustain-T Final Conference has been conducted, which has generated huge interests. Target group representatives and stakeholders attended the professional event, including tourism MSEs, tourism associations, umbrella organisations, tourism experts and other stakeholders. They had the chance to understand the project and the way the developed outputs can help them enhance their sustainability performance, increase their networking and collaboration skills for developing new green alliances and implementing joint sustainability initiatives.

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