First Transnational Project Meeting in Spain - Sustain-T

First Transnational Project Meeting in Spain

The first –kick-off meeting was held in December 2017 in Spain. It was an important step in the project implementation, which enabled partners to meet in person for the first time. At this meeting the partners:

  • present and discuss the Project management plan, detailed Quality management plan and Dissemination and exploitation plan, elaborated by UAB, ECQ and CSMKIK accordingly at the preparation phase of the project (Phase.2);
  • further discuss tasks and responsibilities of each project partner;
  • initiate implementation of activities, associated with the delivery of Intellectual Output 1; discuss specific tasks and responsibilities, related to O1 implementation;
  • share knowledge in the field of sustainable tourism: UAB will deliver an introductory presentation of sustainable tourism issues, ECQ and AidLearn will present the results of the QualiTour project.

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