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Cross-linked projects

Please find below a lsit of cross-linked projects:


BACCHUS SME is a European project conceived to develop a diagnosis tool and an innovative blended training course for providing initial or continuous training for Wine Tourism Small and Medium Enterprises (Wine Tourism SME). Intends to develop and consolidate professional touristic skills, to foster the organizational development and to ensure sustainable development initiatives within the EU wine tourism.  

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You can access for free and take the Bacchus Course in the learning platform of the project at


Project NATUR – Nature Tourism as an Empowerment Tool 

The main objective of NATUR project was to develop a Blended learning Tool allowing the target audience (entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs; local development agents; technical municipalities; trainers and consultants) to develop and improve the skills and competences related to nature tourism activity sector. This for embracing new opportunities of  employability, develop the existing small business and potentiate new ones to emerge. This combined with preserving local nature and culture and promoting the nature conservation.
You can access for free and take the Natur Course in the learning platform of the project in



QualiTour (Quality Management Approach for Sustainable Tourism) is an EU-funded project that developed a specialized Blended-Learning Tool for education and training in the field of sustainable tourism in accordance with the principles of life-long learning.

The main outputs of the QualiTour project include: Blended-Learning Tool, Skill Assessment Tool, Project Guide, Tutorial Program and project manuals. For more information please visit:



The main aim of LINKS UP project is to increase economic growth and improve the competitiveness of startups in the southwest of Europe, in the e-tourism and e-health sectors. Links Up focuses on the acceleration process of the companies and we work on three main axes: we facilitate the access to finance, we improve the connection between the products and the market and increase the professionalism of the SMEs creating an ecosystem based on the sectorial specialization.

Further information about the project on the project website:


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