Intellectual Output 3 - Sustain-T

Intellectual Output 3 - Self-audit, Resource-mapping and Ideation tools

As mentioned in the description of Output 2, the Sustain-T learning material consists of two parts:

  1. Content-based part, comprising modules & units, full of presentations, readings, best practices and exercises (O2);
  2. Activity-based part, including interactive tools, facilitating MSE learners’ collaboration on the development of joint sustainable tourism initiatives.

This Intellectual Output developed text versions of these tools, which  contains description of their content and functions. The partners used these “text inputs” to produce interactive versions of the tools, as a part of O4.

The interactive tools include:

  1. Sustainability self-audit tool
  2. Resource-mapping tool
  3. Ideation tool

SELF-AUDIT TOOL is an instrument, designed for tourism MSEs to assess their sustainability performance. As well as the learning content, it is be based on the GSTC sustainability criteria. It  appears in a form of a questionnaire, in which every criterion is associated with YES/NO metric. The metrics were tailored so that any tourism MSE could complete the audit.


RESOURCE-MAPPING TOOL aims to help tourism MSEs identify available resources for improving their sustainability performance. It provides a possibility to visualize individual resources of an enterprise, and to see a complete resource map of all collaborating MSEs.


IDEATION TOOL is an instrument allowing tourism MSEs to match the self-audit results with the produced resource map. It leads to understanding how the sustainability areas where the enterprise is underperforming could be improved using available resources. This tool also facilitate MSEs’ collaboration in the process of coming up with ideas for joint sustainable tourism initiatives.


Please click below to download the Self-Audit, Resource-Mapping and Ideation Tools in Partner Languages:

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