Fourth Transnational Meeting in Portugal - Sustain-T

Fourth Transnational Meeting in Portugal

The fourth transnational partner meeting of the Sustain-T (Sustainable Tourism through Networking and Collaboration – 2017-1-ES01-KA202-038128) took place in Lisbon, Portugal. Project partners shared the results and feedback gathered during the Training Launch Seminars that have been conducted by the members of the consortium in each partner country. The project products, including the curriculum and the interactive tools have been rated by the members of the target group as very useful and effective for boosting their sustainability performances, and for increasing their networking and collaboration potentials.


Based on the feedback and practical ideas received from the target group, the tools are being fine-tuned, so that they can be presented on the National Promotional Conferences in September 2019 in a form that best suits the target groups’ needs.


Project partners discussed topics related to project management, dissemination and quality management and agreed on actions to be carried out for ensuring proper exploitation and sustainability of project results.


The project’s Final Conference will take place in Barcelona, on the 8th October 2019, with the participation of tourism MSEs, VET providers, decision makers, regional and national administration having specific in tourism matters, and other stakeholder institutions that can ensure multiplier effect of the project results.

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