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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Csongrád County (CSMKIK) has a history of more than 125 years (since 1994 it is formally named CSMKIK) and has 1200 members from the fields of trade, industry, service and crafts. These enterprises represent nearly 60% of the economic power of the county. Although the membership is voluntary, it is compulsory for the enterprises of Csongrád County (except for the companies working in the field of agriculture) to register themselves at the regional chamber of commerce; in addition the Chamber has a registry of the regional construction companies too.
The role of the chamber is to help its members, the actors of the business sphere, through the improvement of entrepreneurial environment, economic analyses and forecasts, the coordination of vocational training, suggestions, building credible, authentic business relationships and providing consultation in legal, taxation and other matters. Furthermore, the Chamber puts great emphasis on digitalisation and increasing the potential for innovation of business entities.

The Training Department of the Chamber is a coordinating body between the enterprises and VET institutions (including the trainees), tackling their tasks, identified in the Act and enforcement decree on vocational training and conducting master training and master examinations. CSMKIK annually organizes the “Handicrafts Days”. An event, putting more and more its focus on new, green and sustainable practices needed for the Hungarian economy.

CSMKIK regularly joins the local self-government in its touristic initiatives and takes active part in it. Furthermore, CSMKIK organizes the participation of touristic businesses from our region at international touristic fairs and exhibitions so as to increase the international touristic cooperation and boost international touristic networking.

Associations or Networks of which CSMKIK is a member comprise: Danube Chambers of Commerce Association (19 chambers are members) and Enterprise Europe Network of the European Commission (around 600 member organisations), whose respective office is hosting CSMKIK. The Enterprise Europe Network plays a major role in business development activities of the chamber.

Projects, in which CSMKIK has participated in, include:
EUKONA - European competency development for sustainable management - curricula and training/learning materials for sustainable vocational training in the food industry
Euro Crafts 21 – Developing Competencies for sustainable management in European Handicraft
Solaris Plus (Leonardo – Innovation transfer) - Integration of German training material on renewable energy into the Hungarian educational system
Inn-Commerce - overall aim is to foster commercialization of young SMEs' innovation by improving their knowledge and skills in promoting and marketing innovative products or services through gamified online training.
InnoSpark - To enhance the competitiveness and the innovation capacity of ICT SMEs in the EU through practical training tailored to their needs;
Europeanisation (Erasmus+) – awarded “Best Practice Example” project by the Commission. The main project product is the Online self-assessment tool helping VET and adult education organisations find out how well prepared they are for working internationally.


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