Sustain-T Training Workshop in United Kingdom - Sustain-T
30 April

Sustain-T Training Workshop in United Kingdom

The Training launch seminar, E4, was organized by Total Innovation EU in the UK with the aim of Disseminating the project among the primary target group – micro and small enterprises in the tourism sector,  Engaging tourism MSEs with project activities and Recruiting tourism MSE representatives for participating in the Sustain-T prototype online training.


The event was organized as and information seminar with a built in training workshop and was held in a large conference room within our office complex. The space was set up in boardroom style to allow conversation and engagement. The workshop was attended by 14 guests for all target sectors.


The workshops started with a presentation on the project objectives, aims and expected outcomes and results, with technical background on how the platform and learning content was created. The platform was then introduced with online demonstration of each of the tools, explaining how they work and the reason for them and how each tool is related to the others.


Once the first part of the event focused on Sustain-T tools demonstration presentation was completed each guest was invited to test the online platform themselves and provide evaluation feedback.


Following training elements: a debate on sustainable tourism took place along with analysis of sustainable tourism best practices, which are part of the Sustain-T training package.


During the seminar participants were be invited to take part in the Sustain-T prototype online training, which will be planned as a two-month e-learning experience.


At the end of the seminar, the participants evaluated the event and shared their overall impression of the Sustain-T training. We provided a printed version of the google evaluation form as we decided it would be easier than making each guest fill in a form online and we could ensure all participants completed the form. As GDRP is a big deal in the UK we did not ask the participants to complete the section on receiving more information as they are all already on our dissemination database.


At the end of the testing session there was a general discussion on the platform and project needs with reflection on the current situation and challenges the SMEs and MSEs face in tourism industry

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