Intellectual Output 1 - Sustain-T

Intellectual Output 1 - Sustain-T Curriculum

Sustain-T curriculum will be a methodological document guiding the development of the learning content (O2) and of the “activity” tools (O3). Its development will be preceded by knowledge transfer, literature review and target group survey.

1. Knowledge transfer: ECQ and AidLearn will present the results of the QualiTour project, as its certain parts may be relevant for the Sustain-T project. Namely, the QualiTour modules “Introduction to sustainable tourism”, “Application of quality management systems in the tourism sector” and “Introduction to sustainable tourism standards” will be used to promote a shared understanding of the concept of sustainable tourism and its implications among the project partners. These modules may also serve as a starting point for developing the Sustain-T learning materials.

2. Literature review: The project partners will create a knowledge pool comprising EC recommendations, statistical reports, latest research and scientific publications on sustainable tourism, as well as on transversal skills development (networking and collaboration).

3. Research into sustainability performance of tourism micro and small enterprises: - Survey among tourism MSEs aimed at identifying:

  1. degree of MSEs’ awareness of and compliance with sustainable tourism principles;
  2. challenges MSEs face in making their businesses and/or tourism products more sustainable;
  3. specific skill gaps, related to sustainability improvement.

Self-audit, Resource-mapping & Ideation tools